Sunday 10:00am - 11:00am

Bollywood – India’s most exciting and prominent fusion dance style borne out the colorful movie musical film industry – but what exactly is Bollywood dance? Few know that there are multiple styles and sub-genres in this dance style. Gain an in-depth hands on perspective of this vast genre that includes ancient and modern dance choreography, influence from Indian classical, folk dances, world dances, and western dance forms. Based in a fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Indian classical, Indian folk dances, and other world styles, Bollywood is a high energy, diverse dance style! Filled with upbeat music, this technique based yet free-flowing dance style is a great work-out and introduction to dance. Each class begins with a stretch/warm-up to loosen the muscles, increase flexibility, and prepare your body for the work out. After stretches students engage in a high-energy cardio segment including the hottest bollywood moves and Bhangra beats. Next we focus on toning muscle and strength building. This segment borrows movements from classical Indian dance to tone muscles and increase core strength. The class then goes into learning basic Bollywood footwork, hand movements, hip shakes, popular steps and choreography!