Acro (short for acrobatics) incorporates both dance and gymnastics. It is usually built off of jazz technique, but also incorporates ballet and lyrical techniques as well creating smooth and fluid transitions between dance and acro skills. Acro is different from a gymnastics floor routine in that Acro involves more dance technique and each movement is carefully connected to the next. Acro focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, and creating fluid dance pieces.

Beginner Acro consists of a warm-up in the beginning of class to build flexibility, energy, and strength. Stretching is the first activity before starting the basics such as headstands, back stretch, bridges, somersaults, and dance steps. Cartwheels and handstands will follow. Acrobats combines dance and discipline.

Advanced Acro will start out with stretching to increase flexibility and stamina. Students will understand the basics and will work on headstands, handstands, high jumping somersaults, back somersaults into handstands, front and back walkovers, front and back limbers, front and back handsprings, round-offs, russians, one-handed front walkovers, cartwheels, one-handed cartwheels, partnering acrobatic work, and dance steps to build character.

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun: TBD 3 - 8 Tiffany Zern
Anaheim Hills Sun:TBD 9 - Teen Tiffany Zern

Classical Ballet is an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. Classical ballet, which originated in Renaissance Italy and established its present form during the 19th century, is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements and the use of pointe shoes. Ballet Intro is a basic ballet class where students have no prior knowledge or experience with the dance form. Curriculum covered will include basic feet and arm positions, ballet barre, basic center floor work, strength development and flexibility training required to progress to more advanced levels. Focus is applied to correct foundational technique including turn-out, feet and arm placements, counting, musicality, and alignment.

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun:TBD 3 - 6 Brooke Kootman
Anaheim Hills Sun:TBD 7 - Teen Brooke Kootman

Bharata Natyam is the most popular classical dance form from India. A subtle, sophisticated, and graceful dance form, the creation of divine beauty is the raison d’etre of dance. The word “Bharata” in Bharata Natyam is, according to one view, an acronym composed of: bhava (emotions), raga (melody), and tala (rhythm). A scholar Mulk Raj Anand puts it, “Flowers open in the hands of the dancer, and birds fly off from the tips of the fingers, the body sways, now in pride and now in devotion, each muscle of the face is transformed, the eyes move in blandishment or scorn, and the eyebrows express horror or suspicion, even as the whole face expresses different and often contrary feelings in the same breath – such a dance-drama, performed according to the most delicate nuances of a musical piece, or a poem through the vehicle of one body, is surely unmatched in any art.” A comprehensive dance styles that comprises of the three pillars of dance-theatre performance art: Nritta (rhythm), Nritya (expression), and Natya (story-telling). Considered the Ballet of India, its roots go back two thousand years and form the foundation of modern forms of Indian dance expression including Bollywood.

Come learn the basic technique of this intricate and all-encompassing art form. Story-telling with the use of mudras (hang gestures) and facial expressions and emotions (navarasas or 9 basic emotions), and intricate foot work that play rhythmic pulses comparable to tap dance are signature elements of this dance style. Come experience the vigor, the grace, the technical control and freedom of expression in this cultural art form. Bharata Natyam Level 1a introduces the student to the basic feet, hand, and body positions, facial expressions, and covers the first set Adavus (fundamental steps and vocabulary). Students will also learn an introductory opening number prayer on lord Ganesh.

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun: 9a - 10a Adults Shivani Thakkar
Anaheim Hills Sun: TBD 3 - 8 Shivani Thakkar
Anaheim Hills Sun:TBD 9 - Teen Shalini Bathina
North Hollywood Tue: 7p - 8p Adults Shivani Thakkar
North Hollywood TBD Professional Dancers Shivani Thakkar

Bollywood – India’s most exciting and prominent fusion dance style borne out the colorful movie musical film industry – but what exactly is Bollywood dance? Few know that there are multiple styles and sub-genres in this dance style. Gain an in-depth hands on perspective of this vast genre that includes ancient and modern dance choreography, influence from Indian classical, folk dances, world dances, and western dance forms. Based in a fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Indian classical, Indian folk dances, and other world styles, Bollywood is a high energy, diverse dance style! Filled with upbeat music, this technique based yet free-flowing dance style is a great work-out and introduction to dance. Each class begins with a stretch/warm-up to loosen the muscles, increase flexibility, and prepare your body for the work out. After stretches students engage in a high-energy cardio segment including the hottest bollywood moves and Bhangra beats. Next we focus on toning muscle and strength building. This segment borrows movements from classical Indian dance to tone muscles and increase core strength. The class then goes into learning basic Bollywood footwork, hand movements, hip shakes, popular steps and choreography!

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun: 10a - 11a 3 - 8 Shalini Bathina
Anaheim Hills Sun: 12p - 1p 9 - Teen Shalini Bathina

Have you ever dreamed of being the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers? Couples on the Dance Floor will cover the basics of the most popular ballroom and Latin dance styles! Master the skills needed to achieve a variety of genres- from the fast syncopation of the Cha Cha to the graceful and controlled movement of Waltz. Learn to differentiate between the different musical styles as we dance to classical and more current tracks. Develop your social dancing skills as we go over two different dance styles per week, using similar foot positions to make memorable connections among the different styles. Develop grace, poise, social ease, and confidence while learning the Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, and additional fun dances like the Merengue, Bachata, and Hustle. Work out without even knowing it and never say no to a dance invitation again!

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun: 12p - 1p Adults Yasmin Zakher

Learn to express yourself through music and dance, using the dynamic dance style of hip hop. Hip Hop dance is a form of dance that focuses on the hip hop culture, music, attitude, style and funk. Learn the latest hip hop moves taught in a gentle, yet challenging format. Focus will be placed on hip hop technique, style, and building choreography blocks. A high energy dance sequence will be created that is fun, funky, and great exercise too. No previous dance experience necessary; each movement will be taught step-by-step.

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun: 11a - 12p 9 - Teen Megan Nichols
Anaheim Hills Sun: 12p - 1p 3 - 8 Megan Nichols

A fun fitness class – dance and get into shape! Jazzy Fit/Bollywood Burn combo class alternates each week between fitness through Jazz dance moves and fitness through Bollywood cardio. Develop flexibility and burn fat through graceful and popping jazz moves; get your heart rate up and burn calories with the fast-paced Bollywood workout. A nice blend of western and Indian popular music, you won’t want to go to the gym anymore – but rather dance and stay fit! A great way to start your day!

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun: 9a - 10a Adults Meghan Nichols

Get fierce, get fiery, and feel sexy! Salsa dance is your go-to class to learn the fundamentals of partnering, Latin rhythmic expression, and individual styling. This progressive class series will cover the basics of the Los Angeles and most popular styles of Salsa as seen on hit shows as Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Develop the essential skills to lead and follow fluidly with any partner on the dance floor, how to make use of arm styling, and how to freestyle and create fancy footwork. No musicality? No problem! We'll teach you to find the rhythm you need to feel confident on any dance floor!

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun: 10a - 11a Teen - Adults Yasmin Zakher
Anaheim Hills Sun: 11a - 12p Kids Yasmin Zakher

A combination of Yoga, Ballet, Indian classical dance stretches and Pilates, the stretch class is geared towards de-stressing, relaxing, and rejuvenating muscles. Focus is on breathing, developing flexibility, and increasing circulation to relieve tension, while invigorating and strengthening your core and muscles. Students will find an increased limberness and mobility. The movement in the class is coupled with world music. A great way to start or end your day and prepare the body for all forms of physical activity.

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun:TBD Adults Brooke Kootman

Rhythmic expression is in our DNA – drumming, tapping, dancing, and feeling a pulse is as integral to happiness as feeling our constant heart beat! Tap dancing is a beautiful way to use your entire body to create music and movement. Learn the basics of tap dancing including shuffles, flaps, paddle and rolls, cramp rolls, and more. Classes include basic warm-ups, series of fundamental vocabulary, improvisation, and musical counting. Students will also develop the ability to internalize and appreciate tap dance when seen in performance or a musical! (Please note: Tap Shoes required)

Location Time Age Instructor
Anaheim Hills Sun:TBD Open Meghan Nichols