MKM Bollystars Dance Academy is dedicated to be a unique dance experience, accessible to the entire family! We offer top level training in multiple world dance styles with a mission to create a learning environment where:

  • Students can cross-train in multiple genres of world dance with knowledgeable faculty who are versatile, masterful, and skilled in guiding the students, enabling students to draw connections between the various dance styles
  • Adults can learn dance as an art form and are not limited to only select classes such as fitness and social dances but rather have a selection of fitness, social, technical, and classical dance classes based on their interest, passion, and goals
  • Dance can become a family activity – a shared extracurricular that is a weekly event leaving everyone happy, fit, and an experience to bond over

The Academy is committed to providing technically sound and thorough training of each respective style while acknowledging the value of cross-training and diversifying skills. Our Faculty includes working professionals from the Hollywood dance industry and international guest artists.

We currently offer classes in Anaheim Hills and North Hollywood locations.

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